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Thumbnail Image for Article 8546Scholastic Pre-K Literacy Night
Posted Date: 02/06/2017

The Pre-Kindergarten parents were invited to attend a Scholastic Literacy Night sponsored by La Joya ISD and conducted by the Pre-K teachers at Dr. Américo Paredes Elementary.  The Literacy Night was created to promote early childhood literacy at home.  The teachers emphasized that reading together, having conversations, and telling stories are important ways to build their child’s literacy skills.  The teachers modeled how to read aloud and do book walks in order to expose children to literature at a young age.  They showed parents how to activate prior knowledge, introduce vocabulary, ask purposeful questions, and summarize the book.  Before asking questions about the story, the teachers modeled how to bring awareness of book and print in order to identify the purpose of the author, illustrator, and different genres.  They stressed the importance of asking questions related to the illustrations in order to develop creativity, imagination, and reading strategies which are critical in the reading process.  The parents then participated on hands on activities to gain knowledge of how they can enrich read alouds at home.  It was amazing how both the parents and the children open up with incredible discussion while working on the activities.  The parents became aware of what their child needs to know to be a successful reader. It allowed the children to feel confident and to show parents what they had already been learning in the classroom.   The night ended with parents and students choosing free books in English and Spanish to start a home mini library.  This would make the home environment more empowered and equipped to promote the early literacy learning.